Top 5 reasons to try out the Bike taxi now!

Monday Blues or Weekend Rush, if there's one thing we all struggle with, it's the pain of endless wait in the traffic jams. The AC  in our cabs does help to keep us cool, but only for a certain amount of time. And with the countless cars taking roads everyday, Ola and Uber may get you to your correct destination but not at the correct time. 

Here's why you should ditch the cabs and buses and try out the Bike Taxi now:

1) Beat the Rush with swifter movement:

When stuck in endless queues of cars, there can be no denying the fact that bikes tend to get out of the jams faster than cars owing to the ease of movement within the gaps left between the four wheelers. Thus, people on fewer wheels tend to take lesser time to commute than the ones driving on more wheels.

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2) Less time and Lesser money spent: 

Not only do you zip past the harrowing traffic, it's light on your budget too!

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3) Faster commute = More time for yourself

In the times that we live, the importance of quality time can't be stressed enough. Thus, the more time you get for yourself and your loved ones, the better.

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4) Say goodbye to the direction troubles:

Didn't you always wished that had there been another alternatives to cabs, world would have been so much better. Apart from the harrowing time spent the driver explaining the directions, what adds to the frustration is that even after all has been said and done, the driver ends up on the opposite direction!

Well, with the bike taxi, you can say goodbye to all those troubles.

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5) Doing your bit to clean up the Enviroment:

In the times that we live, the contribution to the enviroment cannot be understated.

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So go ahead and check out the solution to all your travel qualms!