4 Online Packers & Movers Services to Solve Shifting Troubles

Relocating to a new city for the dream job? Or moving in with your special one? Does the office needs a change of scenery? Logistics today is a very important concern among people today, because our jobs are never permanent, and we're left to live like nomads moving from one corner to another, coping with the different climates or sometimes wandering amongst different places to look for more meaning in our lives. However, the task is not made any easier with the nightmarish stories we read of the ineptitude “professional” packers and movers. Don’t know a reliable platform to reach out to? Here are a few online packers and movers that make moving out and moving in a piece of cake!


With a toll-free call number to get a free quote, and a reach in more than 500 cities, they have all the facilities to address all your logistic concerns through their indomitable network of highly professional packers and movers. They claim of providing safe transit to any fragile items like that crockery set of yours. However, the icing on the cake is the fixed prices with no additional charges, the asset tracking services, hassle payment generation process and a foolproof verification process of the legal documents. Along with their fleet of trained and insured crew and vehicles, you have your stuff insured too in case of any mishap to give you complete peace of mind in case of any loss. Furthermore, ezmove.in's  98% customer satisfaction rate highlights its expertise

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A name that has become the troubleshooter for almost all your everyday problems, the answer to your perfect packer and mover is here. All you need to do to start with your moving process is to fill out a simple form that will ask you the location, required goods to be moved, size of your office or residence, drop off location, etc. You can avail a basic service, an Urbanclap verified service or a premium service as per your preferences. And the price package is affordable too. The only downside is the availability of this service only in metropolitan cities but it has plans of expanding in other Indian cities too.


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Currently based in only four cities namely Hyderabad, Chennai, Bengaluru and Chennai, it has an affordable and convenient service offering minitrucks starting from as low as Rs. 300 for half an hour and a prorated payment mechanism from there on. The various payment options available ranging from card to cash along with sufficient verification modes and tracking options combined with hassle free delivery makes it a go-to option for most of the young professionals grappling with their hectic schedules. With a moving capacity of 800 kgs, this is a sought-after option for easy, fast, safe and convenient transport for all your stuff.


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Although it will only work for Hyderabad and Bengaluru but is looking to expand its base soon. The attractive package deals like a 300-rupee discount on Packers and movers and other promo codes for its services make it a very attractive logistic option and to top it all, it also has an online app and an easy to fill form for availing its services. Get a free quote at your fingertips!


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