Book a retreat to extend your Valentine week

With Valentine's Day on the horizon, the rush to book your perfect hotel has intensified. If the lack of options are putting you off, don’t be discouraged. With an array of best online hotels to choose from, you can find your perfect getaway from the maddening crowds to usher in the Valentine's Day in your own style:


Oyo Rooms

A name synonymous with affordable hotel stays, Oyo Rooms has been around for quite a number of years. With the exciting deals and great discounts, you can find your perfect hotel from one of the best online hotel booking portals

If you’re one of those travel junkie keen on exploring the place through the eyes of the ones living there, then Homestay is for you. Explore the culture of a place previously unknown with the culture of that place with Homestay



Finding a perfect place for someone is tough, to find something for you is even tougher. However, with FindMystay, you can find a place to stay which is perfect for you as take a break far away from the crowd and relax, recharge and reenergise yourself.


What can be better than ringing new year? Doing it somewhere unheard of i your friend circle. With Agoda, you can find exotic locations previously unknown to you. Grab the rooms to usher in Valentine's Day before they run out!


While it’s important to take a break and welcome 2017 in a place somewhere apart from the ones you already know, finding such a place is a difficult ask for many. With HolidayIQ, you can find exciting and unexplored places to discover some less traveled spots to give you a fresh perspective on life and the year coming up


Think we missed out? Explore more online hotel booking portals and let us know!

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