7 Online Home Décor stores to refurbish your home

Furniture fills the spaces but Home décor is what gives a class to your home. However, classy comes with an exorbitant price tag and the ordeal of haggling at various marketplaces to find an item that is perfect for your taste. Exhausted already? Don’t be! With attractive prices and even unbelievable deals on offer, these websites are revolutionizing your home décor experience! Check these websites out to fill your crib with amazing stuff!


From light fixtures and automatic furnaces to sculptures and furniture items, cutlery, lamps and a host of attractive products to choose from, this online store has some of the most exquisite home décor collections to die for! Also, it offers you a 10% discount on signing up and has some of the coolest of items on its radar at the refreshingly affordable of prices.

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Managed by a team of people from multiple disciplines, this online home décor store deals with furniture, lighting, crystal-ware, bird cages, vases and other decorative items along with having the most breathtaking collections of jewelry, with kundan jewellery being the ace in its hole. You can also look out for gifts for every occasion, catering to every budget, big or small.

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As evident by its name, this site deals with ethnic and folk home décor items. You can also shop based on your interest of materials, price, interests and locations. This online home décor store has made an effort to bring alive the vibrant art and culture of India through its extensive collection of vintage tribal items.

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This home décor web portal has some of the most unique items on its shelves, from outdoor shades to quirky and classy liquor-ware along with gift items catering to people of all ages and genders.
What’s cool is the range it has with items costing as low as below Rs.25! Also specializing in Coast décor, and elegant souvenirs, this is your ideal home décor shopping destination if you have a taste for the unconventional.

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Kitchenware, Dining-ware, Lighting, Furniture, Candle stands, you name it, they have it. Dealing specially with handicrafts with exquisitely crafted windchimes being the USP of this home décor website, there are attractive package deals and exciting prices for you to avail, so gear up for some binge shopping!

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The home décor web portal has the most varied inventory on its list, there's whole range of unconventional and classy serving-ware, kitchenware, handbags, gifts, jewelry, stationary items, and even fountains and plants!  Check out their wide range of products to choose from and what’s more, there's traditional clothing on its collection as well! The collection is majestic and you really can’t afford to miss this one out!

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