5 Reasons to watch Logan this weekend

It's a time we all dreaded, but it has arrived. The last in the line of Wolverine series is going to hit theaters tomorrow. While the jury around the trailers is still out, nobody can argue Marvel's unrivalled expertise when it comes to creating Superhero flicks. Read on to know why you shouldn't miss out this movie:

1) Hugh Jackman's last appearance as Wolverine

Since the time we were introduced to Logan, Hugh Jackman and the character of Wolverine were a match made in heaven. With all due respect to all the other characters, nobody pulls off his/her character like Hugh Jackman does with Wolverine, except Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark. Thus, the last chance to catch Wolverine rip apart the bad guys is simply too irresistible. So grab your tikcets now

2) The end of an era.. and is there a new beginning?

While there's not much clarity regarding the plot, the heir to Logan's throne has been revealed via the trailers. Seeing Dafne Keen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6cE_nfLxRGwbrandishing her claws has increased a lot of expectations and there are many more characters in store. So, is this a new beginning, a reboot of the X-Men franchise or a continuation? Find out this weekend and book tickets online

3) Finally a grown-up story from Marvel

While many were let down by the morose undertone of Wolverine, many were happy to see Marvel going with a dark storyline for its superhero movie. And it may turn out to be a good thing too. With a story that makes its lead character vulnerable, we can see our heros like never before.

4) Vulnerable, but Logan's a badass as ever

While the storyline may not be very exciting, the action scenes are bound to be of high standards. After all, Marvel hasn't been successful with superheros for nothing. Watch Logan shredding the villains to pieces.

5) The beginning of a blockbuster Summer

With many action films from both Marvel and DC, this summer will once again provide the fans with plenty of high-octane action. So, grab your Wolverine tickets to begin a fantastic summer.

While we can go on and on why should you watch it, you know that you have to watch it. So go ahead and book your tickets and grab some cool discounts.

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