5 cool ways to have a blast this Holi

With less than two weeks to go, many of your friends have their plans laid out, but you still don’t have a clue what to do? Tagging along with somebody may leave you alienated but your own gang doesn't seem to care, right? Well, with a plethora of  best holi celebrations options online, here are 5 things you can do to have a blast this Holi:


1) Get yourself a spot in the Holi bash 
 If you thought that our ancestors didn’t know how to party, take a close look into the calendar. With the colors and delicacies comes a celebration of music, diversity and togetherness. A day to have a blast with friends is now made easier than ever with great holi parties organised online.
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2) Get a ride and soak the city's festivities

If you're the lover of exploring 'Mohallas' with neighborhood hullabaloo too much to turn down but no vehicles crippling your celebrations? Well, this year, say goodbye to those hassles. Rent your own bike online and drench yourself into the joy of this beautiful festival.

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3) Holi without sweets? Don't fret over it

One of the fondest memories from our childhood is the lip-smacking sweets that came into our homes in the morning. Re-live your childhood and indulge your sweet tooth with some heavenly treats

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4) Wondering what to put on?

Everything's been taken care of, but clothes? Get yourself a perfect Kurta for this special occasion with great online stores for Kurtas.

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5) To get that gulaal out of your face, well.. we have you covered

Holi, with all the fun and frolic, does have its challenges. Getting out the colors from our faces, ears and hair is a harrowing task and not the ones that makes us wait for it the next year. With great offers on spas online, get yourself rejuvenated and refreshed to make sure only the memories remain, not the color.

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Not all of us can be with our families on Holi, but with the amazing celebrations online, that feeling can be recreated with friends who're there for us.